Real Life Scary

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I read The Shadows before I had to opportunity to pick up The Whisper Man and couldn't wait to get started. Alex North has a way with alternating points-of-view that makes for great thrillers. In The Whisper Man the reader is lead through the story from all perspectives (the victims, the police, the suspect(s), etc.) Tom and his son, Jake, find themselves in the midst of an investigation that resembles the acts of a serial killer that has been in prison for decades. Then Jake starts to exhibit strange behavior and hears whispers through his window, then the front door. Tom is struggling with being a single father after the death of his wife and is trying to cope with his son's strange behavior then he realizes that what he considered strange is really his son's haunting reality and he must do everything he can to keep him safe. Can he keep his son from becoming the Whisper Man's next victim? Although I enjoyed The Shadows much more, this was a thrilling read that keeps the reader engaged and enthralled in Featherbank and its haunting past. I will be following Alex North to see what he comes out with next!