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Tom is a widowed writer and struggles to raise his 6-year-old son, Jake whose behaviour is pretty strange. Not long after they have moved in, their life seem to get worse and worse. Featherbank was supposed to become a safe place for Tom and Jake. However, Frank Carter the infamous serial killer, aka ‘the Whisper man’ is seemingly back on the prowl for little boys. Neil Spencer’s body has not been found yet and another boy has gone missing. But Frank is in prison. D.I Pete Willis is the man who caught Frank twenty years ago, and he is helping DI Amanda Beck who is the lead on the case.

This book started off fine with its spooky and eerie elements and I was very immersed into the story. But then the direction the story took was not what I was expecting. I really wanted to be spooked but unfortunately the plot did not build on all the creepy elements. I also found that the characters were not so well-developed and the different perspectives annoy me at times. I wasn’t as scared as many people seem to have been. About 2/3 in the book, the story failed to engage me all the way to the end.