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I can't understand all of the over the top reviews, especially the ones citing how "chilling and scary" it is. I found it readable, but I knew early on what was going to happen - that Jake, Tom's son, was going to be abducted, which of course is what happened (I don't consider this a spoiler - it's too obvious). It's a couple of steps above pulp. The characters are shallow, their emotions are formulaic, and the evil guys are pretty much shallow caricatures of a poorly written Hannibal Lector. After reading the reviews, I expected a "can't put it down, don't read it in bed" page turner. It's not. With quite a bit of content regarding Jake's obvious childhood issues (a little over the top??) and his Father's hand-wringing self-recrimination, the story moves a little too slowly. The best part of the book was the Police Procedural aspect, of which there was far too little. I think that would have made it a much better read; less of Tom and Jake's mental issues and more detailed crime solving. But, to each his own - apparently many, many others loved it. I did finish it, and I do often not finish books that don't hold my interest, so I can say that this one did hold my interest. But i wouldn't be interested in any other books from this author.