Loved it!

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This book! Besides having a twist that I never saw coming, was alos a bit creepy at times and had me checking ro make sure my windows and doors were locked.
This was a page turner for me, for sure! The book is written in multiple characters perspectives which grips you and pulls you in to keep reading.

The story is about a widower named Tom Kennedy and his son, Jake who move into a town called featherbank for a fresh start. The town and their new house have a secret past they know nothing about, five boys went missing and were murdered fifteen years ago by The Whisper Man and now another boy is missing although the whisper man was caught.
This book will keep you wanting more, you will keep turning pages to find out what happens. The twists in this are unbelievable and not in a bad way either, just an ending you will never see coming. You'll be kept on the edge of your chair forsure!