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“It always ends, where it starts.”

This is a reoccurring phrase in the amazing thriller The Whisper Man by Alex North. The cover of this book is amazing and reveals so much about what is happening between its pages. Tom Kennedy and his son Jake are trying to make their way in this world without their wife/mother. There was a terrible accident where she was found dead at the foot of the staircase in their home. Unfortunately Jake found her, and Now He can’t even pass the stairs without thinking of his mother. Tom and Jake move to a new House, in a new town, where Jake starts at a new school. But he brought his invisible friend with him, and the invisible friend really creeps out his dad Tom. As time goes by Tom also realizes his New home has a history, and that his past is connected to the history of this house. When Jake goes missing Tom does everything he can to get his son back. In the process he will reunite with his father, meet a new love interest, And help solve a centuries old case.

I was delighted with the twists and turns of this book and the style in which it was written. I’m looking forward to reading The Shadows next!