I loved it!

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5 eerie, outstanding stars to a novel that I absolutely cannot believe is a debut.

The Whisper Man, otherwise known as Frank Carter, is a notorious serial killer who murdered and abducted five children before being caught and jailed, he lured his victims by whispering outside their windows at night, earning him his title of The Whisper Man. Twenty years later, a boy is missing and there are startling similarities - but Carter is locked away in his jail cell - could there possibly be an accomplice as was thought many years ago, or is there a copycat? Tom Kennedy and his lonely son Jake have just moved to the town of Featherbrook (home of current missing child, Neil) when Jake starts to hear whispers from a monster outside his window.

Told in alternating perspectives from Tom, Jake & our police officer, Pete, the man responsible for capturing Carter twenty years prior, we are taken on a taught, tension filled ride through this journey. As the chapters progressed, I was on the absolute edge of my seat, arms filled with goosebumps.

For any thriller fans, The Whisper Man is a must, without a doubt.