It Gave A Good Scare!

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TW: alcoholism, murder, kidnapping, and domestic abuse

After the death of his wife, Tom Kennedy moves to a new house in Featherbank with his son Jake. Little does Tom know, Featherbank has a dark past. Twenty years ago, Frank Carter, nicknamed “The Whisper Man,” abducted and killed five of Featherbank’s citizens. Now Frank Carter is in jail but right before Tom and Jake move to town, another little boy goes missing in an eerily similar manner to Carter’s victims.

Detectives Amanda Bank and Pete Willis, the man who put Frank Carter in jail, now must find the boy before it’s too late and figure out if Carter might have had an accomplice who is now on the hunt again. In the Kennedy home, Tom notices that Jake is beginning to act strange and talking to himself. As for Jake... well he’s hearing whispering at his window.

This novel definitely served on the creepiness factor!! My skin was crawling with goosebumps while I was reading, and I definitely made sure my windows were locked! There were some aspects of the novel that weren’t my favorite, for example I found the writing made it a tad more difficult to emotional connect with characters than it should have been, but overall the story was a very solid read!

I recommend this novel to my eerie read lovers, small town serial killer fans, anyone who enjoys cliche masculine detectives haunted by their past demons, or people thriller fans with unresolved daddy issues.