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Even with the hype it was that good!

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I'm always wary of books that are hyped because my expectations are always too high. This was not the case here the hype was real. This book is about a father and son trying to deal the best they can with the sudden loss of their wife/mother. There aren't very many thrillers/horror books that include ideas of dealing with real emotional trauma like this and combine it with horror at all, but there's even less who are able to keep the real pain of losing a loved one separate from the horror part of the story, and I really enjoyed that aspect. It was really helpful in identifying with these characters because it showed you who they were and the heartache they dealt with (as well as the struggles the father had relating to his son). It made me believe these were real people when I cared for before anything scary ever happened which often with horror the characters aren't developed enough to make you really care what happens. I personally wouldn't call this true horror because I don't scare easily, but it was creepy which for me is so much better than "scary" and he wrote creepy so well. Basically unless you really cant handle anything remotely scary, I can't think of anyone I wouldn't recommend this book to.