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This book was the rage last year, so was the sequel. SO as part of my BotM I grabbed the sequel as my 'birthday month' book and this book was exchanged with a friend.

EH. Piggy-backing on another review when it comes to thrillers. I have to be nervous and or worried about a character or characters to really give a good review/rating for. While this book wasn't bad, and it game me some Silence of the Lamb feelings, I just felt the story was a bit... bare and or too loose for me. Sometimes I had a hard time following because it just didn't seem to flow really well in my head.

There is a paranormal vibe that I couldn't quite pin down if the author wanted in the book or if the paranormal vibe was just me? (One of the characters talks to a ghost you find out the end.) So, X-Files vibe (where the supernatural co-exists with the real world more vividly?).

I don't think this author is for me.