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First of all, if you have access to the audiobook read by Christopher Eccleston, I highly recommend that, he did a wonderful job of reading it!

After the sudden death of his wife, Tom thinks a fresh start is just what he and his young son, Jake, need. A new place will help them both heal where they aren't constantly being reminded of the dead. Especially as Jake has some odd behaviors, such as speaking to people who aren't actually there.

Meanwhile, in that same town, there's a serial killer who 20 years ago had kidnapped and killed 5 children and is now imprisoned for it. He's called The Whisper Man because of how he'd whisper at the children through their windows and doors to lure them outside. Even after 20 years, the whole town is haunted by it, and The Whisper Man is legendary. A boy in Jake's class disappears, and it seems like it fits the M.O. of The Whisper Man, making people wonder if he'd had an accomplice.

The atmosphere of this book was creepy and spooky, and I was on edge the entire time, especially with how creepy even Jake could be at times. That being said, this book is more chilling and intense than scary, so if you're like me and not a huge fan of horror books, I think this will still be fine for you!