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The Whisper Man by Alex North has been on my need to read list for a long time. i don't know what i was waiting for! it truly is chilling and not easy to read alone in the dark. It has grief, serial killers, estranged family drama, creepy ghost story vibes, and more.

the writing is so fast paced but patient at the same time - you don't need to race ahead because the journey to the end is so enthralling.

The Whisper Man is a perfectly creepy name for a horrible serial killer. the girl with the sideways hair is chilling in her own way without even deliberately being so. Just the words "the boy in the floor said it" is chilling. I loved everything about this book, it's so hard to find a book that actually gives chills and frightens you.

I also always enjoy books that jump different decades - this one did that a bit in going back to the original murders decades agao.