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Brilliant and Chilling Thriller

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I first started The Whisper Man audiobook and found myself drifting multiple times. A quarter of the way through, I still wasn't hooked but I'd seen so many great reviews for this book so I quit the audio and read it instead. SO GLAD I gave this another shot, there were so many crucial details I had missed and this was such a creepy, 5-star page-turner!

Tom, a writer whose wife has just recently passed away, moves to a small town with his son Jake, a fresh start for both of them. In a parallel story, we learn about Detectives Pete Willis and Amanda Beck desperately searching for a missing boy. Nearly 20 years earlier, Pete had put the infamous Whisper Man behind bars, but Pete never found the body of one of the victims, another male child. Desperate to not let history repeat itself as these two parallel stories intersect, we learn the connections between the characters while everyone is fighting to keep Jake safe.