A fast-paced, intense thriller!

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This was actually the second-to-last book I read for the Magical Readathon and I went into it with a little trepidation. I was hoping that it would be fast-paced and pull me in because I did have time for it to drag on! Thankfully, I was not disappointed!

I’m sure most folks who read thrillers know what this book is about. It was all over the bookternet last year! This story follows a father named Tom and his young son, Jake, who have just moved to a new town after the tragic death of Tom’s wife. They are ready for a fresh start, but what they don’t know is that the town they have moved to has a past tragedy of its own. A serial child killer known as The Whisper Man kidnapped and killed several young boys before finally getting caught. But now, another child has gone missing and the circumstances bring up bad memories.

This book reminded me why I love thrillers so much. It was just so fast-paced and freaky and gave me several chills! My heart was pounding several times while I was reading it and I loved it! I will say that if you are triggered by child abuse/murder (none of it on page), you might want to skip this one. The descriptions can get a little intense at times. Still, I think one of the reasons I connected with this thriller so much is that I related to Tom. I was a single parent for quite a few years and some of the thoughts that went through Tom’s head when it came to his young son mirrored thoughts I had, myself. It added an extra layer to this book that I really enjoyed. All in all, this was a twisty, creepy, thrill of a book!