Who doesn't love a love story?

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This is the first in The Wedding Date series by Jasmine Guillroy but also the first I read (I started with the proposal and then went to this when I realized it was a series). Of the three in the series, this one is my favorite.

First and foremost, I love that the author creates characters that are diverse and representative of our modern world (i.e. black girl, white guy). Although I am a white female, I think its important that people get to see themselves in books so I love that this is trending with modern romances now.

What I liked, besides the representation, is that even though this is a pretty far fetched story (it's a book, what did we expect) it read like a rom-com. The two start off as a casual thing and then try long-distance for a while. I could totally see this entire plot, from beginning to end, being made into a movie.

It was everything a modern romance should be-- fun, witty and cute. Makes for a good beach read!