This was fun!

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I enjoyed this latest romantic comedy. I also thought it was fun to have literally opposites attracted. Not only on the hobbies and interest level, but also for the cultural differences.
The elevator setting for the beginning and the end is my absolute favorite. I thought it was so cute. I felt that the moment the couple had to work through together were valid, but our main man lost steam towards the end…. And honestly. It annoyed me. I don’t know if that is how the author planned it, but I wish she didn’t do that because it made him look like a Pansy. I hate when they do that! I feel like “white knight” days are over, and it’s always the female main character saving the day, or taking over the man’s role. Got just once, it would be refreshing to see a guy stand up and stand his ground…. All the way to the end. It is sexy!
Of course, the ending did make up for it. A fun one for sure!