Sweet gentle closed door romance!

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Two strangers, Alexa and Drew, get stuck in a hotel elevator and by the time they get out, Alexa has agreed to be Drew’s date to a wedding the next day. What a way to start a book! The wedding just happens to be between his ex-girlfriend and former BFF (cringe) and he's a groomsman (double cringe)
After these two hit it off at the wedding, they go their separate ways but they cant stop thinking about each other so they agree to meet up the following weekend even though they live in different cities (Berkey and LA). This routine continues and Alexa slowly starts to fall for Drew. Drew can tell Alexa is someone special but he doesn't do relationships. Will Alexa get past the friends with benefits stage zone stage or will Drew’s reputation of not being a relationship guy in the way if their HEA?

Such a sweet gentle closed door romance! Alexa and Drew were both great characters and I was rooting for them the whole time!