Loved this rom com

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I loved the meet-cute moment in this book where Alexa and Drew get stuck in an elevator. You could already tell something would happen between them, but it gets better when Drew takes Alexa to his ex's wedding. The idea of an ex going to a wedding alone is rather amusing as it is, but when he brings someone he barely knows, it makes it so amusing overall.

I loved the plot and the will they/won't they dynamic between Alexa and Drew. I went in thinking that this book would have an actual "proposal", but I liked what happened way better than what I thought would happen. There is also a brief moment of short versus long distance relationships. Alexa and Drew think what every person that is trying to date in real life is thinking day to day.

I loved this book and I cannot wait to read more from Jasmine Guillory. Her writing is easy to read, fun, and a very quick read which is what I like when it comes to romantic comedies.