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I'm not a romance fan, it's one of the genres I rarely read, but sometimes I need a book out of my comfort zone.

The premise has one of my favorite tropes, fake dating and I had never read a story with a long distance relationship, so that drew me in for this book.

I really liked the main characters, Alexa is a strong and smart woman and Drew is just charming. Their chemistry was very palpable since the start and I liked that they actually felt like real people, not perfect humans, just two people trying to figure things out.

Sadly, not everything was perfect, this book also has this element I hate and is very prominent in romance: a lack of communication. All the issues the main characters have in their relationship is because they never talk honestly about what they want or think and expect the other one to read their minds. The book would have been shorter if they actually communicated.

Overall it was a fun and light read.