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The Wedding Date was honestly, a lot of fun to read, but once I put it down, I didn't care very much anymore. It was a fun romantic comedy and I loved the lead characters. They were both extremely likable and they were absolute joys to read about. The book was super funny in the chuckle-to-yourself that-was-kind-of-witty way that I know I really like in a romantic comedy. It didn't have a ton of depth or substance and I felt that a lot of the plot relied on miscommunication which I didn't love because that's a personal least favorite trope of mine, but the lovable characters really kept me around. I know there's another book in the pseudo-series that I have a copy of and I will have to read that one when I get around to it. I liked the author's writing style, so when I'm looking for a good romantic comedy, I know where I'll be going in the future. A solid three out of five stars. It did the job.