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This wasn’t bad, it was pretty good, more decent that anything. The writing was light hearted and cute which is always a plus after a long day. It was entertaining to read. It was really good in like the first part, but it kinda of just got worse and worse as I read on.

The writing isn’t that good either, it’s like childish in a way. And really cheesy sometimes. I wasn’t a big fan. It just was boring at times, and the whole immaturity thing is something that I hate reading.

Also characters were introduced and they kind of never reappeared. Their was literally no point for them, it annoyed me so much. I didn’t love this book and I had such high expectations because of the cover and the summary.

That I feel really let down right now, it wasn’t what I wanted. One good thing was the main character though, she was such a independent badass. I really liked her!

Other than that, meh.