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I was excited to read this book because it was trending all over my social media! After reading it, i've found some great aspects but the plot really drowned this whole book. I appreciate the diversity in characters, like having an interracial couple! The discussion of privilege is also sooo good and having a powerful heroine made this book worthwhile. The bromances in this book were also funny and realistic to read. I also think the California setting is super cute and the way they meet is interesting.
I think a huge issue with this book is that the entire plot is condensed in the first third, that's when this whole date really happens. Afterwards, it just seems to drag on as Alexa and Drew try to figure out how to maintain their relationship despite their busy jobs and living circumstances.
This book is also steamy, which I guess a lot of readers hope for, but it was pretty excessive in my eyes. The majority of the book just feels repetitive and endless.