Surprising Twists

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I read the synopsis for The Very Nice Box and was intrigued with reading about Ava finding an inner-office romance and ultimately finding out that Mr Right was not who he said he was. The first half of the book was very slow going. I had a very difficult time with how the book kept rehashing Ava's car crash,the loss of her girlfriend and her parents, and how she uses that loss as a form of daily self punishment. Several times I almost did not finish this novel due to that redundancy. In hindsight it is an integral part of the story.
I am really glad that I pushed through and carried on until the end. As Ava begins to move on with her life and she begins to date and fall in love with Mat, I became more invested in her character. Laura Blackett and Eve Gleichman did a fabulous job in developing the character of Mat Putnam. Like Ava, I fell for his charm and forgot where the story line would eventually lead. When Mat's true character finally comes to light I was sidelined and totally blown away.