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as mentioned in the synopsis, the beginning reminds me a lot of eleanor oliphant which is a book i absolutely adored. ava simon is a very similar main character to eleanor. i was very interested in the beginning, but the middle dragged a tiny bit for me. i wasn’t as interested in the relationship troubles that mat and ava were having given that i just didn’t totally get the appeal of mat’s character... especially for ava. but opposites attract i guess!? i will say i predicted the main plot twist of the book fairly early on, but it didnt take away from the reading experience. just wasn’t as jaw dropping as it may be for some people! i loved how this book critiqued both corporate culture as well as male entitlement. this book also had superb lgbtq+ representation and fantastic depictions of friendships (specifically that between jaime and ava). i also liked how all of the characters weren’t without flaws, they were messy humans just like the rest of us trying to navigate through life and all its emotions.