Dissapointing Ending

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Okay so this book was a trip and I still don't know how I feel about it so I'm going to do a pros and cons list and then a mini-review.
-The Writing was absolutely gripping start from finish.
-They did a really great job writing someone dealing with grief
- The Good Guys Group that mat was in was eerily true to life
-Even though you know there's a twist they really do a good job at making you fall in love with Mat and the couple that the twist hits just as hard on you as it does Ava
- The Sasha storyline I just loved what they did with it

- Everything about the ending felt rushed predictable and kind of stupid.
- Jamie I did mostly like him but he seemed a little too paranoid and freaked out over mat when while he seemed annoying and there were red flags his reaction seemed over the top
- The way the garden storyline resolved and the company it felt lazy and l didn't like the way it was handled it seemed like it was again rushed
- I don't buy that someone like Ava would even touch a guy who was involved with something called The Good Guys Group because even the name feels like some of the men's rights and incel group. And I feel it would take some real convincing before she just got with a guy who is part of that and that isn't a weird cult or men's rights thing.

Final Thoughts While I am very excited to see how these authors grow I didn't love they wrapped thing up in this as you can as its the theme of the review. But I did love this book up until the end which was a huge surprise. Since the main character just seemed so alien to me in terms of personality and was quite a few years older than me. I thought the biggest twist while predicable also seemed convoluted and not needed the authors really should have just cut that part out. Because the extra twist just left me feeling like they didn't trust that the rest of the reveal was interesting enough. The whole ending in general felt very simplistic and rushed especially one scene with the very nice box and mat what even was that. I also left the book knowing mat was scum but weirdly wanting a book about his story and if he really loves her because while the twist was trash reading it from his perspective would be insane. In conclusion, I would definitely suggest picking this book up its a wild ride and I definitely want to read more from these authors but be aware it is kind of a mess towards the end. Though one thing I loved was the idea of The good guy's group mat was part of that was griping writing and thought the way they wrote was hilarious while being horrifying and kind of genius.