Underwater Fantasy mixed with mystery

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I loved how unique this book was. My favorite thing was how it was all centered in a world underwater. The main character lives in a dystopian world after the land has been covered by water. This would be so cool. Well, for a while I guess. More than anything she wants to know what caused the deaths of her parents. There’s a technology that, with enough Notes, one can purchase for 24 hours, the ability to bring a loved one back to life. The bodies, after death, are stored in this underwater facility for a certain period of time. After this window of opportunity has passed, they are destroyed. The problem is that everyone is pretty much broke. But Tempe has been saving her Notes. And she also discovers things in her daily dives worth making Notes off of. She will use these to revive her sister. The one responsible for the parents’ death. More than anything she wants to know why. But is she ready to discover the devastating secret?

There was so much mystery within this story. I loved the mix of that and the magical world. The world building was amazing and I loved the characters.