Creepy in the best way possible

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Into a world that was destroy by the Great Waves, the surviving people have learn to survive on the water. Tempest dives daily to scavenge the remaining ruins of the Old World, searching for valuable thing to trade for Notes.

Temp doesn't want food or clothes, shes saving to bring back her dead sister to life. She wants answers to her parents death years ago and her sister have the answer. The Palindromena work facility can revive the departed for twenty-four hours before returning them to death. It won't be an easy reunion but Temp really need to hear the truth from Elysea who drown two years ago. Keeping the terrible secrets of her responsabilities of the death of their parents. There were things I really loved about this book. It’s well written. I loved the relationship between the sisters. The ending wasn’t what I expected and felt rushed. I also came in thinking there was a fantasy element to the story and there wasn’t. Still an enjoyable read.