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It is extremely difficult to put my feelings into words when it comes to this book. I felt sadness, angry, annoyance, happiness and so many other emotions. This is a unique book. The world building was very well done. I could picture things easily and could imagine the world that our characters lived in. The fact that the world is mostly covered in water and to survive people need to dive to find "old world" treasures is a very interesting and unique. The best part when it comes to this novel being unique is being able to bring people back to life for twenty-four hours. That idea brings a lot of idea. I think our characters are well written, I did not connect to our main two characters as well as I did with our secondary character Elysea. I wish I could have book just about her, that is how amazing I thought she was. The journey with the book went up mountains and skirted cliffs. Many things happened that I didn't see coming. I wish this book wasn't a standalone, as I would like to see what happens to our characters in the future. I would highly recommend this book.