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All I can say from the first impression that I read is WTF. It wasn't even the first chapter that drew me in but the definition given at the beginning with the saying in the middle. I honestly love stuff like that and it drew me in instantly. Then the first two chapters were so solid. I really enjoyed Scholte's first book but there were things that bothered me. It was more so the dual POV. The writing was amazing and I loved the story.

In this book, it really seems like the dual POV is going to be very beneficial. The first paragraph from Tempe's point of view was fantastic. I loved seeing this new world and how the old was incorporated. I'm excited to see how that gets introduces more. Then Lor's point of view is going to be great because we see the other side of the people who want to say goodbye to their family.

Overall this book and the plot seem so interesting. I wasn't sure at first how I was going to feel about it because of her first book but after this sample, I'm definitely going to read it.