A favorite for 2020!!!

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This YA Post-Apocalyptic Thriller was AMAZING!!! I couldn’t put it down!!!

It takes place in a world of almost all water. The old world is under the ocean. The world building in this book is so well done, I could picture everything so clearly in my mind.

Tempe (or Tempest) is my FAVORITE character, and she is just sooo much!!! There is so much depth to this 17 (almost 18) year old. She was fearless and determined, but she also had faults and so much anger. She and her sister, Elysea, lost their parents at a young age and then 3 years later Tempe lost Elysea. But she works at diving for notes (or money) for 2 years, so that she can go to Palindromena where the dead could be revived for a price. But only for 24 hrs. This is where she meets Lor. Lor is a favorite character for me too. He has been hiding from the world for two years because he feels at fault for his best friend’s death. He is a complicated character, like Tempe, and he is so kind and caring.

The adventure, along with many dangers, that they end up on is life-changing.

This is definitely a favorite read for 2020!! You definitely need to read this book!!! Five glowing coral stars!!