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a book with fantastic world building but a POV I couldn't love

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The Vanishing Deep's world building hooked me from the beginning. Archaeological scavenging underwater? The desire to talk to our dead again? Count me in! As someone who is slightly freaked out about swimming and also being stored in tanks, you might wonder why I'd love this world building so much. But it's a testament to the well-thought out world of Scholte - the weight limits of the societies are a harsh but necessary precaution. The way Scholte talks about burial practices and privilege - since the cost of burying and resurrection is costly. I loved the world building so much!

The Vanishing Deep is dual POV and while I normally adore dual or muliple POV, I had a hard time enjoying Lor's POV. Maybe it's because the themes of sisterhood were so strong with Tempest's POV - which is one of my all time favorite elements - but Lor's POV paled in contrast. It just meant I felt like I was reading his chapters to get back to Tempest. Her bond with her sister was so complex. Our feelings towards the ones we love who have left us. The anger, the guilt, the pain, and the love all wrapped up together. How would you feel if you had 24 hours with someone you lost?