I'm confused but it sounds interesting

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First of all, I abhor this cover. It's really bad. Not just from a design standpoint, but from a marketing standpoint: it looks like an adult literary fiction novel or a thriller, not a young adult sci-fi novel. I'm well aware that YA and sci-fi have an iffy relationship at best, but they could at least give it a fantasy-esque cover and emphasize the fantasy-esque elements of the story. I didn't even want to do a First Impression for this at all until I saw it advertised on Instagram with an emphasis on the genre. Seriously, if this doesn't get a redesign or a new edition in the UK or something, I'm literally never going to buy this because I do not want it on my shelf.

Anyway, the story itself seems interesting. Not a huge fan of the writing but I don't hate it. I did, though, snort when I saw "Palindromena". Because that's low-key really stupid and sounds like something a 10 year old would name their OC supervillain, but I do like the poem thing after the definition of palindrome.

One thing, though, that's a major plus is that I adore the Atlantis vibes going on here.