suspenseful coming of age story

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This is the first book I've read by John Hart and I was impressed. I enjoyed his writing style and his ability to draw me into the story without rushing things and also without letting it drag.

I wouldn't put this one in the mystery genre because you are well aware of who all the players are. I would call it suspenseful and a coming of age story. I worried about several of the characters at different times. The book was pretty dark and I'm sure that most of characters were traumatized at some point. Yet, it didn't go too far. It wasn't so graphic that you couldn't read it and the characters didn't feel one dimensional.

I find that some authors write characters to be fully good or bad. I find it frustrating when the bad guy is unattractive, slovenly, rude, unkind, unintelligent, etc, etc. Most people have some redeeming qualities. Or at least they believe they do. I really liked that Hart was able to flesh out his characters enough that you may have an evil person, but he is known for keeping his word and is really intelligent. The bad guys aren't easily tripped up by the good guys just because they're the good guys. Even the good guys aren't 100% good. They have issues, make mistakes, and struggle with decisions. Overall, this made the characters and the story more realistic and well-rounded. The only exception to this may be Gibby's mom, however she was a smaller player in the story. I do wish she was fleshed out a bit more though.

I thought this books was really well done and I look forward to reading more of Hart's work in the future.