Siblings and War

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There was a lot packed into the 400 pages of this book. The Vietnam War was a turbulent time in American history. John Hart has managed to capture that feeling in this tale. Every time I opened up this book, it felt like I was stepping back in time to an America that felt like it was on the brink of change. It is not so far removed from how we feel now. Timeless themes of family and friendship weaves its way through the narrative, from the French family, Gibby and Jason trying to reconnect as brothers, to Gibby and Chance and their friendship. The writing was fantastic. John Hart has a gift for words. The characters lived and breathed, seeming to come off the pages all by themselves. Do brace yourself though for some seriously disturbing serial killers. I had a hard time falling asleep one night after reading this book. I did enjoy this book overall. Jason and Gibby both really spoke to me. Maybe it was the ‘do-anything-for-your-sibling’ thing that I connected with the most (I too would do anything for my one and only sister).