From my father:

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From my father, who read this book in two days:

"“The Unwilling” is a gripping account of an average American family caught in the midst of a turbulent time in the history of our country. Even though it was set in a town in North Carolina, it could have taken place in any American town.

Once I started the book, I could not stop reading. It is a story I could relate to from beginning to end as I grew personally from a boy to a young man during these very times, serving in the military during that era.

Each family member was affected in their own different way, and each tried to cope the best way that they knew how, all wanting only the love and respect that every human being craves in their life’s journey.

As the book winds to a climactic ending, it is the supposed “prodigal son” who rises from the ashes to heal his wounds, as well as the wounds of his family.

This is a “must read” for anyone who lived in the 60’s and 70’s and witnessed firsthand the collateral damage wrought on humanity by war and mistrust."