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"The Tubman Command" is an intriguing historical fiction that follows Harriet Tubman during a month of 1963. She's an interesting woman, not always fully portrayed in the history books. Harriet worked to help strategize with the north to fight during the war, and this is the primary premise of the book. While the overall story is grounded in as much fact as possible, some elements were of course added to make a better read (including the romance).

While the book gets off to a slow start, the pace soon picks up, and it becomes quite a great historical fiction read. Harriet really leaps off the page as a unique person, although she must frequently justify to others her identity. As Moses, they expect a man and are often surprised to find her. However, she is quite clever and used to such assumptions. I would enjoy reading more about her life and many critical actions.

Overall, this is an interesting historical fiction that brings Harriet Tubman to life in a new way. I highly recommend for anyone who enjoys this genre. Please note that I received a copy through bookish first. All opinions are my own.