Railroad Freedom

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What a way to learn history and have it told to you in a well written story,the style of writing will have you remembering this story for a very long time! The characters will surprise you of what they are and are not capable of doing for their freedom to escape the South. Harriet has you right there with her going and all her joys and troubles in not only her personal life but others she has helped or tried to help escape and make a new life. Spying for the North she really believes in doing this,this is one of her own personal way to help free as many as she can of the slaves in the South. Knows from personal experience on how it is to be a slave,the treatment of not only need of but her family and others what a slave master can do with you and think nothing of it but to better his wealth. This is why she works for the Underground Railroad and a spy.Read the different experience she goes though,well written and you can feel her joys and pains in this book!🙊🙉🙈