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I recently did a research paper about Harriet Tubman. And in it I was in her shoes, and I had to act as her. So when I see this book a few weeks later I had to pick it up. Harriet was such a strong woman, and I really liked her story. This book definitely got that across!

My only problem was that it added in such a prominent romance aspect, now I’m aware that this is a fictional book. But from what I know of the real Harriet Tumban, it was so unnecessary and so unlike her.

It made me a bit mad. Everything else was perfectly fine though. I really like how they portrayed her role in the civil war, and the military tactics that were used. Much of the history we learn about is men, and it is important for people to know strong females such as Harriet Tumban existed.

I definitely think this book showed her great influence and got that across. A wonderful read! :)