The Trouble With Christmas

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley and I am voluntarily reviewing it.

First just let me say that I didn't particularly care for this book. But now that I say that just because this book didn't resonate with me doesn't mean that other readers may enjoy it better. These are just my feelings for me personally. I had to put this book down and go on to read other books to get over the way I felt about Suzanne. As I hate to not finish a book, I forced myself to come back and finish it.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first book of this series and was looking forward to this one. I was a little disappointed as I LOVE cowboy romance. I really didn't care for Suzanne. I didn't connect with her at all. I felt she was self-centered and egotistical. She gets mad at Grady for not getting back from his morning chores on Christmas and doesn't give him time to explain why he was late. He had a logical explanation as one of his bulls had gotten sick. Later when she finds out why he was late, she then gets mad AGAIN for not telling her. SAY WHAT?! I don't know if I didn't connect with her as I am in my 50's but I felt she was selfish and didn't try to understand what ranch life entailed as she was busying with her things and her worries and didn't try to understand him and his concerns at all. Poor Grady had to almost bend to her will. I cheered when he demanded the paintings back one by one. I also felt that one of the lies about Grady over doing Christmas was okay but then she goes and buys the gaudiest, most tasteless ornaments. Now you can go over board with funny decorations but that wasn't the case here. I just felt it was in poor taste.

The only good thing for me was having it written in a dual POV format.

This is a spicy book so I don't recommend anyone under 18 should read this.