One of My Favorite Romance Novels!

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I picked up this book after stumbling upon it on NetGalley, and while I don't read a ton of romance novels (other than those found within Women's Lit), I am so glad that this one caught my eye.

The Trouble with Christmas was honestly one of the best romance novels I’ve read in a long time. There was a lot of depth to the characters, and Grady and Suzy’s relationship was intriguing. I loved Suzy’s hybrid paintings (picture Grady’s face on Atlas or a cherub) and I laughed out loud several times when they were describing the Christmas decorations. I also appreciated the time that the author took to fill in the backstory for each character (adding to the aforementioned depth). This was a book that I truly didn’t want to end and read it slower so I could savor it longer. Easily a five-star read.