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I have to admit. I love the stupid cliche hate turns into love, fake boyfriend, hallmark like book.
This one was no different.
Suzanne st Michelle is the daughter of a prominent artist and a legal art forger, but along the way she lost her muse and decided it was time to get away from New York and go to a ranch in the middle of nowhere Colorado to find it again.
She just didnt expect Joshua Grady to be the middle of it.
Joshua Grady had lived away from people for a long time and liked it that way. So when Suzanne appears in a ridiculous van he is rather angry, even more so when he finds himself very attracted to her.

I loved this book and all its cheesy scenes. I love how Grady slowly opened up to Suzanne and without realizing it he falls in love with her.
The author did a great job at pulling you into the story and making you want to swallow it all in one day.