Hilarious, feel-good Christmas story

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Fun-fact about me: I adore everything and anything Christmas. I'm that person who will beg all year to be able to put my tree up and begin buying presents for my family and friends months before Christmas is even a thought. So, it's no surprise that I love Christmas stories, the cheesier the better.

This book follows Suzanne as she tries to find inspiration to make her own art. She replicates art for a living--a very good living--but it doesn't feed her soul, only her wallet. So what better way to find some inspiration then to spend the holiday in a real-life ranch, where she can be alone with her craft?

She isn't expecting Joshua, the man who she's renting the cabin from and whom hates everything about Christmas. And also doesn't like her. Well, he doesn't like people, period.

Hijacks occur when her parents try to get her home for the holidays and she tells them that she can't, because she's engaged to Joshua--the man who can't stand her, but they don't know that--and can't leave him, since he loves the holidays.

Fun, adorable, hilarious, and full of Christmas spirit, this book will captivate you from the first page and remind you why Christmas is a magical time of year!