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Grumpy Hero, Strangely friendly Heroin, and Fake Dating.

This is not an original concept, but it is perfect for the festive season.
A muse-less artist finds inspiration in the form of a grumpy yet sexy landlord - Joshua Grady.

All Joshua wants is to be left alone and work on his ranch, but the lie that Suzanne has told her parents about him being her boyfriend, puts his peace in jeopardy especially when she tells him that is MR. Christmas, when nothing could be further from the truth.

The only thing really keeping him from calling her lie in front of her parents, is really the fact that Suzanne is very good looking and while they pretend to be in a relationship, he gets to kiss her as much as he wants.

This is a second book in the series but the first one I have read. It definitely can be read as a stand alone. While it was a good book to read and has all the elements of a romance novel, I just didn't understand why Joshua kept on going along with Suzanne's lies. It didn't makes sense to me. However that is really my only issue with the book.