Christmas Ranch Style

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After 12 years in the military, all Joshua Grady wants is peace and privacy. Santa must not have received the memo! An uncle who owns the ranch where Josh lives decides to rent the cottage on the land. All she wants in an over-the-top, eggnog-induced holiday with her best friend, but her parents insists she comes home for a boring Christmas in New York, so Suzanne St. Michelle does what any sane rational woman would do, she claims her landlord is really her boyfriend who really loves Christmas. So instead, what the loner and grumpy rancher will have for Christmas starts with a fake relationship with a vivacious and chatter-box artist and he finds himself pretending to be the boyfriend of New Yorker Suzanne St-Michelle and he'll have to pretend all Christmas long! Only blackmail could convince him to say yes to this ridiculous plan, but you should read for yourself to find out more about that!