Christmas Everywhere!

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Suzanne St. Michelle has just arrived in Credence, Colorado where she is staying at a cottage on the ranch of Joshua Grady. From the get-go these two butt heads, Suzanne being the bubbly city type while Grady is the guarded country boy. However, through a series of events the two end up pretending to be a couple while Suzanne's parents come to visit for the holidays. What follows is a whole slew of holiday traditions and stereotypes that can't help but put you in the Christmas spirit.

Amy Andrews does a splendid job of describing her characters and the town of Credence. I believe that this book isn't the first in the series simply based on some of the things that are said about Suzanne's friend, but I don't feel like I missed out on anything by not having read the first book. None of the characters in this book are boring or undeveloped, and the two main characters especially have distinct personalities.

The dialogue in this book contained more swearing than I am personally comfortable with, and there were times when I felt that the conversations were a little unrealistic, especially with Suzanne's parents. I also had a hard time following along when Suzanne referred to her muse as a separate person, and the many lines where Suzanne tried to argue with her muse kind of lost me.

Overall, this book contains more Christmas traditions than I've ever seen before in a movie or book, and the romance between Suzanne and Grady is filled with the right amount of tension and desire. This is a great book for anyone who wants a romantic story that will help get them in the holiday spirit, just be prepared to want cookies while reading it.

** Thank you to BookishFirst and Entangled Publishing for a free copy in exchange for an honest review. **