Beautifully written and well captured

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As the front cover caught my attention the blurb of this book drew me in on what could possibly happen in the twists and turns of this romance type book. Going in for the sneak peak I became drawn in at how it is beautifully well written and the style of writing allowed me to feel as though I was being the characters themselves. The way the descriptions are written gave me a clear impression of the general mind sets of the characters and also how I think they will be developing throughout the plot of the story.

Having the swift in points of view and the chapters also being in third person these points made me want to further read the book because of the lasting impression they gave me. Being really easy to read I didn’t want to put the book down for a minute until I knew what was going to happen. Overall this book is most definitely worth ten out of ten for the authors creativity, how well I connected with the characters, and the general attention to detail.