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My friend lent me this because she got it a while back from this website. Now for some reason she didn’t like this, and I asked her to give it to me anyways because I had nothing to read and I found the cover cool. The cover is very nice, quite eye catching.

I did not have eye expections while reading this. But wow, I do not even know what’s wrong with my friend. This was a fabulous book. She said she didn’t like the horror aspect, but I absolutely loved it.

It was soooo interesting to read. The plot is unique, the concept the whole take is unique. The pacing!! This book is the perfect example of perfect pacing, the pacing was perfect. I would’ve loved it even more if it was longer.

But I love the way it dealt with the feeling of being a person of color and going to a white school. It was something I could totally relate to. The romance was cute, the representation is really great in this book! Loved Jake and Sawyer!

Great story