Not for me

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Unfortunately, I DNF'd this within the first three chapters.

I hate myself for it, because I was so excited to read Douglass' debut—he is amazing and fantastic and I wish him all of the best things.

And I was so incredibly excited to read a book featuring a gay Black teen, who is a MEDIUM and sees dead people!! And I knew the discussion of the intersection of racism and queerness, not to mention the school shooting storyline, would be well discussed.

However, the writing style was not for me. I just was not feeling it, and I know myself enough not to push through in something that's not for me.

But! Just because a book isn't for me doesn't me that it's not for someone else.

I might return and listen to this as an audiobook, because sometimes when the writing style isn't working for me visually, I can sometimes listen to it and be fine. Readers are weird like that.