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Black queer boy who can see ghosts? Say no more!

This book talks about the struggles of being a Black gay boy and how that is frowned upon in the community due to toxic masculinity. You can’t call yourself a man if you’re gay. 😒🙄 Jake suffered racism and micro-aggressions from the white people at his school especially since he didn’t fit their stereotype of a Black person in my personal opinion. The teachers did nothing and it was just a mess.

The story was told in two points of views Jake and Sawyer’s. My heart really broke for Sawyer while reading this story and even though I don’t agree with his actions, I can see why he did what he did. His mother failed him big time because she was so worried about her image and not helping and protecting her child. SMDH

I felt that I would have enjoyed this book if it was longer and the story was flushed out better. This book had a lot of potential and it kinda felt flat in some areas. I would have preferred more of a backstory when it comes to Jake seeing ghost and how his ancestors play a part as well. I didn’t find this book to be scary and for it to be compared to Get Out, I was expecting to be scared while reading and I wasn’t. Overall, this was a solid debut by Ryan Douglass and I do hope we revisit Jake Livingston in the future.

Triggers: Racism, mention of suicide attempt, physical & sexual abuse and gun violence.