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This turned out to be more of a horror story than I expected for a young adult book and I'm not mad about that. It had the perfect amount of dark themes to be real feeling but not too depressing. The struggles with bullying and race and gay issues really came through well in the story. The characters felt real enough that you could totally relate, even a little to Sawyer. Yes he was a bad person and probably a psychopath a little, but he was also bullied and beaten for being gay and you felt bad for him a little (but not too much because he went on a serious killing spree). I also loved the love story between Jake and Allistar and it was great that it didn't overtake the story. I do wish there had been more with Fiona, she seemed like she could be such an awesome character, really both his friendships could've been expanded on somewhat. But overall I really did enjoy this.