Ghostly Good

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I listened to the audiobook and would highly recommend to anyone who's interested. The voice actors did a great job bringing Jake and Sawyer to life (or the afterlife if we're being specific). We follow our main character, Jake Livingston, as he navigates high school as a medium for the dead; with the troubled ghost of Sawyer Doon reaping havoc in the wake of his own death.

Make sure to check the trigger warnings because this book covers an array of issues like teen suicide, depression, abuse, racism, homophobia, r*pe, and gun violence. I think the way the author covered all these topics in a sensitive and realistic manner was well done. As a Black queer teen in a predominately white school, Jake's intersectional identities are a huge reason he feels ostracized from his peers. The way he copes and eventually addresses his concerns isn't overdone but relatable for a lot of people. For anyone who loves YA fiction and a lot of paranormal activity, definitely check this book out.